MulegÉ & ConcepciÓn Bay

Bahía Concepción is located just 77 km (48 miles) north of Loreto and is considered by people who have been around the world as one of the finest. The highway borders the bay, offering a marvelously scenic view of the mountain, with its deep escarpments, and of the desert, which alternate with white beaches and peacefully rolling waters. Its soft beaches are a delight for the traveler who prefers to lie under the sun and rest. Requeson, Coyote and Santispac are ones of the most famous beaches.

Mulege, a tropical oasis at the mouth of lovely Bahía Concepción has one Baja's only freshwater rivers. Date palms, citrus trees and other greenery surround this very simple and friendly village. The town is located between two mountains, in a valley which is the origin of a stream that runs peacefully to its encounter with the Sea of Cortez. There is a mission dating back to 1705 and an abandoned colonial-era prison. The Mission was abandoned in 1828 due to the lack of population.

Excursion time: 8 hrs
Lunch in a restaurant included
Price per person USD 87
Min. 2 pax

San Ignacio & Santa Rosalia
The first view of San Ignacio is one of Baja California's great delights. This town is an attractive, tranquil settlement of about 2000 inhabitants with thatched-roof dwellings and pastel-colored business structures clustered around an imposing stone mission and a tree-shaded plaza. San Ignacio's magnificent 18th century mission occupies a palm lined arroyo surrounded on all sites by harsh desert terrain.

45 miles (72 km) south of San Ignacio is Santa Rosalía, a town located between two tablelands by the Sea of Cortez. Santa Rosalía displays its unique French architecture in its beautiful buildings that have witnessed the history of this indomitable town. In 1885 the French company El Boleo initiated a mining operation of the rich deposits of copper with a concession from President Porfirio Diaz for a time period of 99 years. In 1897, the Santa Barbara church was erected. Designed by Gustave Eiffel in 1884, the church had been preconstructed over a period of two years to be displayed at the World Exposition in Paris in 1889. Mr. Charles LaForque, acting director of the company, saw the building in Brussels in 1895. At the request of the El Boleo employees, LaForque bought the building and that same year, the unassembled church crossed the Atlantic on the company vessel San Juan.

Excursion time: 8 hrs
Lunch in a restaurant included
Price per person: USD 98
Min. 2 pax

For many years Punta Chivato has been Baja´s favorite destination for fish lovers. The expected catch: barracuda, sierra, Leopard Grouper, Triggerfish, yellowtail, Gigant Needle fish, Yellowfin –Tuna. The excursion includes the use of the boat with equipment, and a box lunch.

Excursion time: 6 hrs
Box lunch included
Price per boat: USD 115 (Max. 2 pax)

Whale Watching (Laguna Ojo de Liebre)
Baja is well known as a great place to whale watch. The Gray whale spends summers in the waters off of Alaska, and then heads 6,000 miles (almost 10,000 km) south to the warmer lagoons of Baja in January, February and March. Their main reason for heading south is to mate and give birth in the protected shallow lagoons in Baja. No other location on Earth offers such an experience. The three main lagoons these whales return to every year are (from north to south) Laguna Ojo de Liebre about half way down the Peninsula, Laguna San Ignacio about 100 miles (160 km) further south, and Bahia Magdalena, which stretches about 100 miles (160 km) from the northern end to the southern end below Laguna San Ignacio. All three areas offer an excellent venue for whale watching up close.
This excursion consists of the transportation from Punta Chivato to Laguna Ojo de Liebre and back, a 3-hour tour by boat to see the whales, as well as a lunch in a restaurant.

Excursion time: 8 hrs
Lunch in a restaurant included
Price per person: USD 208
Min. 2 pax
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